Water Truck Pump

Water Truck Repairs

Water Truck Pump

Water Truck repairs

Urgent Water Truck repairs were carried out recently, after an enquiry from a new customer based in Brisbane.

The on-board Pump was low on pressure, and minimal water flow was being experienced.

It was suspected that water sucked out of a dam to fill the tank meant that stones were found in the pump blocking the impeller.

The pump was pulled apart inspected and valves replaced.

Talk to the Manager of our Pump Division, Ken Smith, for all of your Pump repair and refurbishment questions. Ken has 30 years experience in the Pump industry, and always looks for the best and most cost effective way to get you operating at peak efficiency.

Water Truck repairs in this case were carried out in the factory of Better Pumps, but we can also carry out repairs at your work site. We prepare fast quotes, and in cases where your workflow is impacted, we work fast to get the your equipment operational again.

Our 6 point Customer Service Guarantee

  • You will never be surprised by our Bill. We will communicate with you throughout your project so that you are in control of your costs
  • You will always have a fully qualified tradesman in charge of your work
  • We will always give you options that will save money and time.
  • We can carry out work at your own premises, or in our fully equipped workshop in Geebung
  • At all times you are free to talk to the Director or General Manager at Better Pumps. We keep the lines of communication open
  • If a project is outside our area of expertise, we will say so, and suggest alternative service providers