Warman Pump set

Warman Pump Set

Warman Pump

Warman Pump

We recently supplied a Warman pump set to into the food manufacturing industry.

It was an adjustable overhead v-belt drive using a 3-phase electric motor.

The pump was used to pump liquid sugar and had a food grade natural rubber liner.

The warman pump set was supplied complete and ready to wire up and run.

When you need a new pump or an existing pump set refurbished, tlak to the team at Better Pumps. Whether you are in the Manufacturing sector (like this customer). Mining, or even Building services, we can provide you with the expertise needed to get you operational.

Often there is a decision to made between refurbishing an existing pump, or supplying a new pump. We take car to properly diagnose each situation and give you the very best advice. Often out suggestion is to refurbish – it makes so much sense in many cases.

Who is Better Pumps?

Better Pumps operates as part of the Better Engineering Group, offering Pump repairs and refurbishments into the Commercial, Industrial, Mining and Public Utilities markets.
New pumps are also offered. The key strength of the Better Pumps team is solid Engineering and pumping experience, so that you know the solution offered will work. Our repairs and refurbishments are built to last, because when a pump fails, it often creates business interruption, and unnecessary cost.
Ken Smith heads up our Pump repair division. Talk to Ken about your project.