Pool pump repairs

Repairs to a Pool Pump

Pool pump repairs

Pool pump repairs

We were recently called out to carry out some repairs to a Pool Pump at a Commercial swimming pool complex.

Our customer had noticed that the drive motor had become increasingly noisy.

After inspecting the pump, we identified that the bearings in the motor needed replacing.

That required disassembly of the pump from the motor, because it was a close coupled pump unit, and then removal of the rotor from the motor on site.

The bearings were replaced and also a new mechanical seal was fitted during the reassembly process. Once completed, the pump unit was run and tested.

Who is Better Pumps?

Better Pumps operates as part of the Better Engineering Group, offering Pump repairs and refurbishments into the Commercial, Industrial, Rural and Domestic markets.
New pumps are also offered. The key strength of the Better Pumps team is solid Engineering and pumping experience, so that you know the solution offered will work. Our repairs and refurbishments are built to last, because when a pump fails, it often creates business interruption, and unnecessary cost.
Ken Smith heads up our Pump repair division. Talk to Ken about your project.

At Better Pumps, we always look for ways to save you time and money

  • Repairing instead of replacing is usually cost effective.
  • Outsourcing will help you to avoid the expense of setting up or maintaining the capacity to supply your own fabrication needs.
  • Outsourcing can increase your own effectiveness with our quick response to your repair needs or breakdowns.