Pump replacement

Pump replacement

Pump replacement

Replacement of Wash Down Pump

We recently carried out a pump replacement which was situated in a water tank on mobile plant for wash down of plant on site.

The replacement pump was different dimensionally, which meant we redesigned and manufactured some components, such as

– the drive coupling to the hydraulic motor,

– the flange pump connection,

– the discharge pipe,

– and suction pipe.

The pump was situated in a water tank and used to produce high pressure water for washing down a concrete pump truck after use.

Pump was continually submerged and was in poor condition with a lot of corrosion to pump and associated pipework.

The existing pump is a superseded model so parts were not available and it couldn’t be overhauled.

The pump replacement was with a new pump which meant that we had to fabricate new pipework and machine new locating ring and drive coupling to set the pump again for location in the tank.

Who is Better Pumps?

Better Pumps operates as part of the Better Engineering Group, offering Pump repairs and refurbishments into the Commercial, Industrial, Mining and Public Utilities markets.
New pumps are also offered. The key strength of the Better Pumps team is solid Engineering and pumping experience, so that you know the solution offered will work. Our repairs and refurbishments are built to last, because when a pump fails, it often creates business interruption, and unnecessary cost.
Ken Smith heads up our Pump repair division. Talk to Ken about your project.