Pump Installation

We carry out pump installation for replacement or repaired pumps in plant rooms and buildings, factories and manufacturing complexes, and treatment plants. 
We also do new pump installation for a variety of pump types.
Our workshop can also manufacture ancillary equipment such as pump bases, pipe work and pipe supports. 

Good Pump Installation is a combination of

  • proper pump selection,
  • correct Electric Motor sizing
  •  having an adequate Concrete slab which will reduce or eliminate vibration
  • Having proper guarding in place
  • Ensure all lubricants are at recommended levels
  • Good engineering
  • proper alignment and anchoring of the pump
  • appropriate piping configuration

Properly installing your pumps is a key factor in the long term reliability of your pumps. When pumps are not installed correctly, you can open yourself up to premature pump failure, and increased maintenance costs.

When installing new pumps, we always take care to adhere to the manufacturers inspection checklist, but overlay on top of that our own installations checklists to ensure zero risk of an installation related failure.

For larger installations, after installing pumps, we double check our installation by carrying out an alignment inspection, vibration testing and a flatness measurement.

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