Origin of Better Pumps


After 30 years of successful operations in Brisbane, Brecknell Engineering & Welding has opened a pump service and supply division, called Better Pumps.

Brecknells have a vast amount of knowledge in the pumping industry, and now is an ideal time to increase the focus on the pumping industry via Better Pumps.

The Better Pumps team have wide experience in the pumping industry including
– Pump overhauls
– Pump modifications (such as changing from gland packing to mechanical seals)
– Coating wear areas with ceramic epoxy coatings for longer life
– Manufacture of pump bases
– Setting up pump sets
– Manufacture of pipework and other ancillary equipment, etc.

The feedback received was that existing and potential customers wanted a one stop pump shop where the job was handled by the one company. With the existing engineering capabilities already in place to call on, Better Pumps is well positioned to provide a complete service for its clients in the pumping industry.

The team at Better Pumps looks forward to assisting its customers with their pumping needs, whether they are in industry or a home owner, for many years to come.