Chemicals and Plastics

We work with Chemicals and Plastics manufacturers across South East Queensland.

Pumps play an important role within the Chemical and Plastics industries.

They are used in bulk transfer, vacuum distillation, crystallisation, degassing, sterilisation, drying, extraction, packaging, and purification processes.
They also fulfil a variety of other functions depending on the particular product being produced.
The chemicals & plastics industries often have very particular requirements for pumps and the materials from which they are made, (eg. whether it is corrosive or reactive) and various standards of sterility and hygiene.

We carry out regular maintenance and breakdown servicing for the Chemicals and Plastics industries, including

  • Pump repair, sizing and supply of new pumps
  • Mechanical seal repairs, and supply of new seals
  • Valve repair, and supply of new valves
  • Stainless welding, pipe welding, vessel welding and repair
  • General engineering

We have a fully set up Pump Repair facility at our factory in Geebung. In some cases, we will carry out our repair and refurbishment work in our own facility, but often it is more convenient to carry out our work at your premises.


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